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Many people who love fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers live in apartments or condos and don't have a backyard in which to garden. A simple and rewarding solution can be growing plants in containers. No matter where you live, no matter how small your space, anyone can build a beautiful container garden. And depending on your climate, you can grow almost anything in a container garden.

Small and compact, you can put a container on your balcony or deck, or in a sunny window. By confining the plants to a relatively small space, maintenance can be less of a chore. And plantings can be moved to various sites for different purposes and then moved back. But a container garden does not have to sit on the patio or deck. Many people hang containers from a ceiling or against a wall. This is called "vertical gardening".

Our goal at Patio-Gardener.com is to be your guide for all your patio container garden needs.  From spring planting to fall harvest, we're there for information on patio container gardening  as well as useful and creative products that can help you to grow a thriving garden in a small amount of space.

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