Growing Tips

Anyone who's gardened before knows that too much or too little light or water can mean bad things for a healthy plant.  But what can you do?

Observe your plant and take corrective measures!



Corrective measures

Plants tall, spindly and unproductive

Insufficient light

Move container to area receiving more light

Excessive nitrogen

Reduce feeding intervals

Plants yellowing from bottom, lack vigor, poor color

Excessive water

Reduce watering intervals; Check for good drainage

Low fertility

Increase fertility level of base solution

Plants wilt although sufficient water present

Poor drainage and aeration

Use mix containing higher percent organic matter; increase number of holes for drainage

Marginal burning or firing of the leaves

High salts

Leach container with tap water at regular intervals

Plants stunted in growth; sickly, purplish color

Low temperature

Relocate container to warmer area

Low phosphate

Increase phosphate level in base solution

Holes in leaves, leaves distorted in shape


Use EPA-recommended insecticide

Plant leaves with spots; dead dried areas, or powdery or rusty areas

Plant diseases

Remove diseased areas where observed and use EPA-recommended fungicide

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